The Scrum Fieldbook: Faster performance. Better results. Starting now

The Scrum Fieldbook: Faster performance. Better results. Starting now
Автор Джей Джей Сазерленд
ISBN 9781847942692
Cтраниц 288
Год 2020
Язык Английский
Издательство Random House Business
Обложка Мягкая

637 грн.

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Аннотация издательства

Scrum is the secret weapon behind the success of companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple, who have reshaped the world through their incredibly fast innovation, laser focus on the customer, and continuous improvement practices. Based on the five years of work in the field with companies like Toyota, 3M, Schlumberger, and Autodesk, The Scrum Fieldbook offers a hands on approach to implementing the practices of the Scrum framework among traditional, non-technology companies.

In JJ Sutherland's first book, Scrum, written with his father Jeff, he laid out the Scrum framework used by almost all of today's leading technology companies, based on Agile software development. The book has gone on to sell over 120,000 copies in its print and ebooks editions, and another 95,000 copies as an audio download. Since publication, the Scrum framework has exploded across the corporate world. JJ and his team at Scrum Inc. have worked with private space companies, global oil and gas firms, banks, medical device manufacturers, and firms on the cutting edge of genetic science.

In the Scrum Fieldbook, JJ takes leaders, managers and employees deeper into the specific challenges and opportunities the company has faced in working with major established companies like Toyota, 3M, Schlumberger and Autodesk. He shows how the simple scrum framework can be successfully applied to any situation, and in every industry, from automobile manufacturers in the U.S. and Europe, to nonprofits in Africa, from home renovation contractors in Minnesota to gas exploration companies in South America, from building fighter planes to improving the banking industry.

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